General Psychology Consultations

Parents may occasionally have questions or uncertainties about their child’s developmental journey. The General Psychology Consultation is a dedicated space for parents to voice their concerns and receive informed guidance, insights, and initial advice from a professional standpoint.

Concerns may include:

Psychology & Neuropsychology Assessments

There are various motivations behind seeking an evaluation for a child or adolescent, be it parental concerns, referrals from healthcare professionals, or academic institutions. Our comprehensive evaluations delve into understanding your child’s developmental trajectory, learning approaches (identifying both strengths and areas that may need support), as well as their emotional and behavioural health. Specifically, these assessments aim to clarify any diagnostic uncertainties, establish a cognitive benchmark, or track cognitive developments over time.

Most common types of assessments include:

Intervention & Training Programmes

Neurodevelopmental challenges can occasionally pose hurdles for children and young individuals in forging friendships, understanding social cues, managing emotions contextually, organising themselves, or even grasping the nuances of their own challenges. Our tailored interventions and training programmes are designed to address and mitigate these challenges.

They encompass:

Parenting & Parental Guidance

A foundational step in supporting a child or adolescent navigating neurodevelopmental challenges lies in empowering parents with knowledge and strategies Often, parents find themselves grappling with questions.

such as:

This support aids parents in fostering a conducive environment at home, school, and within the community.

Schools & Inclusion

The school domain can sometimes amplify the challenges faced by a child or adolescent with neurodevelopmental differences. Beyond academic learning, school life demands skills such as building friendships, adapting to diverse settings and norms, and fostering independence—all of which may be daunting for some students.

We offer bespoke support in this domain, including: